writer + editor with an eye for multimedia design and a heart for storytelling

I like to think of my life as a never-ending adventure. One where I have been fortunate enough to sleep under the Peruvian stars, sail in the Mediterranean, and even start my own literary & arts magazine. Despite the many times I have gotten lost, I always keep climbing upward to reach my goals. 

While I am creative, organized, and extremely detail-oriented, I do attribute most of my personal and professional growth to my ambition. If I could've declared my English major in 8th grade, I would have. I knew that the publishing industry had my name written all over it, and all I had to do was put in the work to get there.

All these years later, and I have an English literature major and a double minor in communications and multimedia authoring. Through my internships and experiences in college, I learned the value of human connections and the importance of sharing real human stories in an intriguing way. The result of that is this portfolio. Please enjoy browsing my work and reliving the adventures that came with each piece.